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Nutri Revolution

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N-Nutrition & Market Limited- Health & Wellness, Cosmetics, and Technology


Our Company aims to revolutionize the health and wellness, cosmetics, and technology industries through a comprehensive range of products and a dynamic network marketing strategy. We offer high-quality food supplements, innovative cosmetics, smartphones, creating a diverse product portfolio that caters to the evolving needs of our target market. We give priority to product development, customer satisfaction, and continuous growth.

 To empower individuals with exceptional products, opportunities for personal growth and financial independence through our direct selling business model.

Vision Statement: To become a globally recognized direct selling provider, providing valuable healthcare products, cosmetics and technology solutions.

Health & Wellness: We offer a range of high-quality food supplements, including vitamins, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements, that address various health needs.

Cosmetics: We develop and sell advanced cosmetics, leveraging natural and organic ingredients, and offering skincare, makeup, and beauty products.


Partner with renowned smartphone manufacturers to retail the latest technological devices, ensuring our customers have access to innovative mobile technology.

Organic Fertilizer:

We offer with our manufacturer’s partner best quality of Organic Fertilizer. The natural choice for healthy and vibrant plants! Our carefully crafted formula is made from 100% organic ingredients, ensuring that your plants receive the nutrients they need without any harmful chemicals. With Organic Fertilizer, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest while also protecting the environment. Say goodbye to synthetic fertilizers and embrace the power of nature. Try our Organic Fertilizer today and see the difference it makes in your farm!"

Our target market is health-conscious individuals, beauty enthusiasts, and tech-savvy individuals seeking reliable and high-quality products.

 Compensation Plan:

We implement a network direct selling compensation plan to incentivize distributors and build a thriving sales force.

Commission Structure: We Provide distributors with commissions on their sales, bonuses for team building, and recognition in the form of rewards and incentive programs.

Training and Support: We offer comprehensive training programs to equip distributors with essential product knowledge, sales skills, and marketing strategies. Provide ongoing support and mentoring to help distributors succeed.