Next Generation Anion Pad

About US
NLC-Nutrition&market, Inc., is one of the world's leading  in Network Distribution of  Natural Health care products , personal health care , with a wide range of vitamins , supplements, foods & natural beauty products. NLC-Nutrition&market, Inc., focuses on quality, safety, reliability, innovation, convenience and environmentally. 
Its founder began using and marketing these types of products in 2009 after watching the documentary “We are what we Eat” from the Planet Channel. 
In 2010 with a team of motivated partner, he creates his first company. Then merges with Indian friends in 2017. Driven by his age and the COVID-19 crisis, he sold  the business to the indians partners by keeping only the honorary presidency. He succeeded in negotiating the entry of his best collaborator in the company, which now holds the position of Business Manager. The Business Manager creates with the Indians a new concept: "Network Distribution System", which opens up a larger field of distribution. This concept combines the advantages of MLM and e-commerce.
Today the passion of the NLC-Nutrition&market’s team remains the same - “To deliver reliable, innovative, quality products to our loyal customers!” Watch for more new innovative product introductions in the near future!